January, 2017

Costa Rica Tours: In Search of The Real Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tours: In Search of The Real Costa Rica November, 2017 Tours: 928-606-3157 Tour details coming soon. The Owner of Kingman Transportation Services, LLC, Keith Nelson, spends considerable time in Costa Rica, his new home away from home. Costa Rica has 0.03% of earth’s land mass, yet contains about 5% of all species existing on our planet. Costa Rica has the highest biodiversity of any country on earth. Excluding vehicular power, the country is powered almost exclusively by no-carbon based renewable energy resources: wind, water, solar and geo-thermal. After extensive travel throughout this Central American gem, Keith felt compelled to share his experience by designing tours of this beautiful country and its warm and friendly people. The tours are designed to be affordable, capture the warmth of the Costa Rican people (Ticos) and see the majesty that exists here. GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE COSTA RICA TOUR:   PRICE OF TOUR per person double occupancy is $975.  Single occupancy is $1125.  We need a minimum of 18 persons to do this tour with cut-off date of February 17 at which time full payment is due. You can make your reservations by e-mailing info@kingmantransportation.com.   Any tour questions should also be sent to this e-mail.  It will be checked regularly with a prompt response. It is your responsibility to book your airfare into and out of the San Jose airport.  Numerous on line booking agencies can get the best flight to fit your needs.  For example, Expedia , Travelocity, Cheap- O Air.  You will need to provide us your flight details so we can meet you at the airport and transport you to the hotel. Passports are required, but not visas. Costa Rican money is called the Colon.  The exchange rate is right around 535 Colones to the Dollar.  American Dollars are accepted almost everywhere.  In most cases you are better off having Colones because many gift shops and so forth use an exchange rate of 500 Colones to the Dollar.  For instance, a 10,000 Colon note at the exchange rate of 535 is worth $18.69.   If you do not have Colones, they will accept a $20 US bill.  Do not exchange money at the airport because the airport has the very worst rates of exchange.  We will make arrangements to allow for money exchange. Bring a jacket, because in places it will be cool in the evenings.  Please only one suitcase...

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Easily Call For A Cab Or Schedule A Limo

Ever wish there was an easier way to call for a cab or schedule a limo for a special event? Well now there is, because Kingman Transportation Service now has an easy to use phone app. This application allows for simple and quick access to many of the personalized high quality transportation services offered by KTS: Our Kingman Cab service provides reliable and dedicated transport, whether a simple trip across town, to Laughlin or a trip to the Las Vegas airport. Our Limousine Service is available for your private transportation needs, whether discreet, anonymous transportation or just quiet comfortable transport to whatever destination you desire. Our Delivery Service can handle any kind of delivery you need from food and groceries, to picking up prescriptions. If it fits in the car, we can deliver it! All these services can be easily viewed and accessed from our app, just a click away from whatever you need to get you where you are going. Download now:...

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