Costa Rica Tours: In Search of The Real Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tours:

In Search of The Real Costa Rica

November, 2017

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The Owner of Kingman Transportation Services, LLC, Keith Nelson, spends considerable time in Costa Rica, his new home away from home. Costa Rica has 0.03% of earth’s land mass, yet contains about 5% of all species existing on our planet. Costa Rica has the highest biodiversity of any country on earth. Excluding vehicular power, the country is powered almost exclusively by no-carbon based renewable energy resources: wind, water, solar and geo-thermal.

After extensive travel throughout this Central American gem, Keith felt compelled to share his experience by designing tours of this beautiful country and its warm and friendly people. The tours are designed to be affordable, capture the warmth of the Costa Rican people (Ticos) and see the majesty that exists here.



PRICE OF TOUR per person double occupancy is $975.  Single occupancy is $1125. 

We need a minimum of 18 persons to do this tour with cut-off date of February 17 at which time full payment is due.

You can make your reservations by e-mailing   Any tour questions should also be sent to this e-mail.  It will be checked regularly with a prompt response.

It is your responsibility to book your airfare into and out of the San Jose airport.  Numerous on line booking agencies can get the best flight to fit your needs.  For example, Expedia , Travelocity, Cheap- O Air.  You will need to provide us your flight details so we can meet you at the airport and transport you to the hotel.

Passports are required, but not visas.

Costa Rican money is called the Colon.  The exchange rate is right around 535 Colones to the Dollar.  American Dollars are accepted almost everywhere.  In most cases you are better off having Colones because many gift shops and so forth use an exchange rate of 500 Colones to the Dollar.  For instance, a 10,000 Colon note at the exchange rate of 535 is worth $18.69.   If you do not have Colones, they will accept a $20 US bill.  Do not exchange money at the airport because the airport has the very worst rates of exchange.  We will make arrangements to allow for money exchange.

Bring a jacket, because in places it will be cool in the evenings.  Please only one suitcase per person.  Also, bring some type of rain gear.  Rain is unpredictable, but we will see rain.  There are very good jackets that breathe air, shed water and take up little room in your suitcase.  I purchased one recently for around $50.  Very good investment.  If taking a whitewater rafting trip, you should bring some kind of water shoes and not floppies.  At least one pair of long pants.  Binoculars are recommended.

You will be provided a quality map so that you can track your adventure and it will be included in your tour price.  Conditions permitting, we will have a couple of surprise stops not included in the itinerary.

All hotels and most all activities can be googled and found on line so you know details about everything.

Spanish is the language of the Costa Rican people, however, English is commonly spoken and especially where we will be.  The Costa Rican people are wonderfully friendly and courteous.  We ask that you return their kindness with being polite.  I have been informed by different Costa Ricans that they love American tourists, mainly those over 45.  Under 45, they want them to go to Nicaragua or someplace else.  If under 45 and are polite we will market you.

Crime in Costa Rica:  Costa Rica has seen an increase in crime in recent years.  Violent crime has increased in certain areas and is primarily related to drug trafficking.  We will not be visiting any of the areas where there has been an increase in violent crime.   However, petty theft is rampant in Costa Rica.  I say that it would be best not to bring or to wear expensive jewelry.  You are only setting yourself up as a potential target.  Dress casually.  Outside of your hotel room, never allow anything of value to be left unattended.  I guarantee that it will disappear and really, it might even be the monkeys that take it.  Our tour guide will provide all necessary information whenever appropriate.   Assuming we fill this trip, we will be riding in a passenger bus with luggage compartment.  Whenever the bus is stopped with luggage, it will be attended and guarded.  All hotels have been chosen with due regard to safety and security.

All breakfasts are included in the price of the tour and some lunches and dinners.  When we state:  “Lunch or dinner on your own”, we mean that you pick up the tab for your meal and you will generally be ordering off of a menu.  This will allow you a broader range of options for experiencing Costa Rican food.   Pricing for the trip has taken this into consideration.  We will generally have lunch as a group, but you will have many choices for most lunches and dinners and we will be able to recommend good restaurants.  The farewell dinner is included in the price.  In Costa Rica, a tip is included in the price of meals and bar drinks.  If you feel the service is exceptional, you are free to add your own tip, but it is unnecessary.  The average cost of a lunch at a typical restaurant is about $10, excluding drinks.  At a Soda, about $6.  Depending upon your tastes, expect to pay between $15 – $25 per person for dinner, excluding drinks.

Our tour has been designed with fairly strict adherence to time, so please be punctual.  Failure to abide by time, disrupts the enjoyment of fellow travelers and your tardiness will not be appreciated by the rest of the group.  As we have a very experienced tour guide with great knowledge of all of our travels, we will be open to any type of spontaneous stops.

We have a fairly busy schedule, but the tour was designed for you to experience the Real Costa Rica, write us a good review and come again and still allow sufficient time to relax and enjoy the environment.


We have scheduled 3 optional activities that require a little more exertion than walking and looking.


Whitewater Rafting:  Details of this maybe once in a lifetime experience can be viewed here:   The Class II-III rapids trip is $58 and the Class IV rapids trip is $68.




Canopy Tour:  We chose the two hour trip.  Details of this challenge can be viewed here:  The cost of this adventure is $81.




Leisurely Horseback Riding trip:  Details of this peaceful back in the saddle can be viewed here: $60.



Because some persons may not desire to participate in one or more of these activities, they are not included in the price of the trip.  We ask that you decide upon booking which activities you want.  The costs will be added to your trip price.  Optional tours are priced without any mark-up.   We will make the necessary reservations.   For those who decide to forego any of these activities, we will provide recommendations about alternative activities if you desire and try to accommodate travel.

All of these activities are exhilarating.  They all have your safety first in mind and we have chosen the most reputable operators.  After that – Wow!  I am 64 and have done all of them within the past two years.


Itinerary for Costa Rica Vacation Tour

Day 1:  Arrive at Juan Santamaria airport in Alejuela, Costa Rica.  Transfer to Hotel Brilla Sol.  Depending upon arrival times, optional city tour of San Jose.  Dinner on your own.  The hotel has a small, but nice restaurant with a rather limited menu.

Day 2:  Breakfast at 7:00 am at the hotel.  8:00 am depart for Poas Volcano National Park; view park and volcano crater;  To La Paz Waterfall Gardens.  The Gardens have 5 waterfalls with constructed trails and viewing platforms.  Buffet Lunch at the Gardens included.  Depart for and check-in at Pozo Azul Tent Hotel (Sleeping accomodations in modern tents in the jungle) in La Virgen.   Dinner on your own at hotel or in Sarapiquii at the restaurant of your choice.

Day 3:  Breakfast at 7:00 am at the hotel.  Optional two hour whitewater rafting tour at 9:30 am.  Tour choice between Class II and III rapids or Class IV rapids.  Return to hotel to freshen up, included lunch at hotel and check-out.  Depart for and check-in at Hotel Cabanitas, in La Fortuna.  Surprise stop en route.  Afternoon at Los Lagos Hot Springs.  Dinner on your own at hotel or transportation provided to La Fortuna for dinner and self-tour of La Fortuna.

Day 4:  Breakfast at 7:00 am at the hotel.  Transfer to Hotel Montana Monteverde.  Stop for short coffee break halfway at Plaza del Cafe.  Lunch on your own in Santa Elena.  Optional Monteverde 3 hour horseback riding tour at Smiling Horses of Costa Rica at 1:00 pm.  Optional 2 hour canopy tour at 2:00 pm at Sky Trek Monteverde (zip-lining).  Cannot do both.  Free time to tour town of Santa Elena.    Included dinner at the hotel.  Optional night time guided nature hikes with flashlights are also available.  Transportation provided.

Day 5:  Breakfast at 7:00 am at the hotel.  Depart for Hotel Punta Leona on the Pacific Ocean.  Arrive by 10:30 am at Jungle Crocodile Safari for two hour Tarcoles River Crocodile and Birdwatching Sightseeing Tour.  Check-in at hotel.  The rest of the day on your own.

Day 6:  Breakfast at 7:00 am at the hotel.  Depart for Savegre Hotel, in San Gerardo de Dota.  Visit to San Isidro de General de Perez Zeledon with lunch on your own.  Will pass by Cerro de la Muerte (mountain of death being the highest mountain in Costa Rica on the Inter-American Highway system).  Check in to Hotel.  Buffet Dinner at hotel included.

Day 7:  Breakfast at 7:00 am at the hotel.  Short guided tour to spot the “Resplendent Quetzal” (People come from all over the world to see this bird).  Depart for Santa Maria de Dota and the Terrazu coffee region (generally considered to produce the best Costa Rican coffee).  Tour of Coopedota, a cooperative coffee processing facility.   Depart for the city of Cartago for city tour of the Basilica of our Lady of the Angels and Cartago Central Market.  Lunch on your own when convenient.  Check-in to Hotel Rio Perlas.  Buffet Dinner included.

Day 8:  Breakfast at 7:00 am at the hotel.  Tour of the Orosi Valley with a stop at Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi (oldest church in Costa Rica still holding Catholic services).  Tour of Lankester Orchid & Botanical Gardens and then Irazu Volcano. Lunch on your own in Cartago.  Return to Hotel Brilla Sol.  Depart at 5:00 pm for farewell dinner at Restaurant Mirador Tiquisia, with folklore dancing and best spectacular view of San Jose city.  Dinner included.  Return to hotel.

Day 9:  Breakfast at hotel.  Shed departure tears and enjoy smiles from new friends.  Come again!

Transport to airport for departing flights.

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