Discount Programs

Did you know?

  • Kingman Cab has served Kingman since 1941.
  • Kingman Cab is locally owned, we earn our money here and we also spend it here.
  • That our fares without any discounts are as cheap as our competitors and in most cases, cheaper. Our taxi-meters are calibrated to insure you get a fair fare.
  • If you are 60 or older, or, if you are going to or from work, we give you an 11% discount.
  • If you are a veteran with military service, we give you a 22% discount for travel on veterans’ related business, like the local Veterans Service Office or the new VA clinic.
  • If you are a regular rider, we reward you with a 14% discount by using our Lucky 7 program. Ride 6, 7thisFREE.

And even better yet!

  • You can combine our discounts.
  • If you don’t want to drive home after drinking too much at a local bar or restaurant, pay us to drive you home and we will come get you and take you back to your car for free.
  • We have a delivery service known as Kingman Delivery Service for any delivery needs such as groceries. Phone number is 928-716-1894.
  • We have a full-service auto repair shop known as KTS Auto Repair where we guaranty honesty and the quality of our work at the most reasonable rates in Kingman. Phone number is 928-293-0588.
  • Only about 1 in 5 applicants to drive one of our taxi cabs is accepted. Our drivers are exceptionally talented people and must deal with many unpleasant situations with many unpleasant people. Our drivers are the best and we are proud of them. In many cases, they have more patience than the police because they depend on you for their money.

We value your business more than our profits in order to stay profitable.

We are your hometown team and will stay that.

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