Kingman Delivery Service


Kingman Delivery Service is a division of Kingman Transportation LLC (Kingman Cab) offering convenient delivery services at a reasonable cost.

We Do Your Shopping For You!

Hours: Monday – Saturday 7am – 9pm



$30 per hour charged in 1/4 hour increments ($7.50)

 $2.00 per mile for miles traveled in increments of 1/4 mile ($.50)

Groceries, Tobacco Products (legal age required), Alcohol (legal age required), Pharmacy picks-ups, Fast Food, Pet Supplies, Just about anything we can lift and place in a vehicle.



WE HAVE A DELIVERY SERVICE!… Kingman Cab has expanded. We now have a delivery service available for all your errands and shopping needs.  Give us your list, we will do your grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions, run to Walmart (etc).   If it fits in the car, we can deliver it.  Maybe your laundry is piling up,  or you ran out of ice at the family BBQ, did all the guys show up at your house for the BIG GAME,  and you ran out of beer* and snacks?  DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. 

  Take a load off, relax…….WE GOT YOUR BACK….. call….. KINGMAN DELIVERY SERVICE………928-716-1894

*must be of legal age, with proper ID, to receive tobacco and alcohol.





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