Taxi Cab

Kingman Transportation serves you 24/7!

Kingman Transportation Service LLC currently operates a fleet of Crown Victoria taxi cabs in Kingman and the surrounding area. We currently have 7 fully licensed and insured taxis.  We always have at least 2 taxis on duty with at least one on call.  Our taxis are all powered on propane.   Propane burns extremely clean and we support American workers.  Propane is produced in the United States by American workers.     If you need to be picked up at a certain time, call ahead and schedule a time call.




Personalized high quality transportation dedicated to specialized service, including flight crew transportation and executive services.  We travel to Las Vegas and to McCarran Airport frequently and know Las Vegas very well.  We can drop you off at your airline’s check-in or meet you at your luggage carousel if you are in-bound.




airport-taxiWorker’s Compensation Transportation

Transportation for worker’s compensation patients, hospital and doctor visits and any other non-specialized medical transportation services for ambulatory patients.  We perform transportation services for numerous workers compensation travel arrangement companies.   We take patients to their doctors’ appointments in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Flagstaff and any other destinations within our service area.  We are prompt, our vehicles are clean and we demand our drivers drive safely and insure that we allow enough time to get our clients to their appointments in adequate time.





















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