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Cheri Green has been with the KTS family for a little over 4 years. She moved to Kingman in 1998 from Downey, California, where she was born and raised. She has 2 daughters and 3 grandsons and one grandaughter. She states that she has the greatest job ever working with all of us here. Cheri is, primarily, our bookkeeper, however, her job duties are the most diverse of anyone working at KTS. She fills in as needed – whether as Taxi Cab driver, Limo chauffeur, public relations or whatever is needed. She enjoys the diversity of her job and the joy of meeting new people every day from all over the world. Her self-described job title is: “Anything that needs to be done; bookkeeper; driver; call if you need me – Girl”. A real multi-tasker.





This is Kenny Darden. Kenny has been associated with Kingman Transportation Service for 4 years. Initially, Kenny was one of our drivers. For the past two years, Kenny, has been the nerve center of our operations. Kenny is in charge of dispatch operations. This is a highly specialized position. He is responsible for taking all day time telephone calls, scheduling time calls, quoting fares, dispatching pick-ups to our drivers via radio communications and keeping things flowing as smooth as possible. It is very difficult at times given the volume of telephone calls, cars on duty and making sure that priorities are maintained. He answers telephone calls on up to 3 lines at one time. Although not always possible, he strives to keep our wait times below 30 minutes. He transitions dispatch responsibilities from day shift to night shift and the reverse as well. In spite of high pressure, he maintains a courteous and pleasant attitude. When the KTS phone is answered during the day, you are speaking with Kenny.





We are ready to serve you. If you have a transportation need in the Kingman area, just ask us we’ve got just what you need!   Kingman Transportation Services,

Kingman Transportation Service drives you safely and swiftly for wedding receptions, group dinners, rescue operations for vehicle breakdowns, large family transportation needs, medical transportation, airport taxi, and New Year’s Eve parties.


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